The Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation is the mark of an HR professional. Those who hold the CHRP designation have proven their knowledge of all aspects of HR and have demonstrated to employers and colleagues that they are a true HR expert. Established by the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations (CCHRA), the CHRP is a designation that sets a common, professional standard for HR knowledge and expertise across Canada.

The CHRP designation provides valuable advantages to the HR professional of today:

  • Proven expertise: HR professionals who pursue the CHRP must meet all requirements set out by their provincial HR associations, which aim to measure their competence and experience as HR professionals.
  • Continual learning: To maintain the designation, CHRPs are challenged to continually update your knowledge and skills in HR.
  • Demonstrated commitment: CHRPs must undergo rigorous studies, comprehensive exams and ongoing learning. They are, in short, committed to the profession over the long-term. You join the class of HR professionals that employers seek out.
  • Knowledge community: CHRPs are part of an exclusive, nationwide community of HR experts.
  • Ethical behaviour: CHRPs commit themselves to high standards of ethical behaviour. They are held to the CCHRA National Code of Ethics that covers a range of important professional issues including confidentiality, conflict of interest, professional growth and more.

A 2013 report released by HRPA and Payscale, The Value of a CHRP, indicates that CHRPs enjoy several advantages when it comes to career progression and compensation.

There are currently more than 25,000 CHRP holders across Canada, with close to 3000 from British Columbia. Almost 60% of HRMA’s total membership are on the CHRP path.

HRMA is the sole certifying body for the CHRP designation in British Columbia and the Yukon. As such, the association is responsible for upholding the professional standards, managing the assessment process, and maintaining the CHRP registry and recertification process. HRMA also puts energy into communicating the benefits organizations receive by employing HR practitioners with the necessary level of expertise.

Become a CHRP.