Become a CHRP

Did you know…

CHRPs earn more and get promoted faster than non-designated HR professionals.

*A survey by Payscale in 2012 found that 45 per cent of HR generalists with CHRPs become HR managers in five years compared to only 21 per cent of HR generalists without the CHRP. See The Value of a CHRP.


Proven Expertise

Demonstrate to employers that you are a true HR expert with verified knowledge in all aspects of HR.

Continual Learning

Highlight that your skills and knowledge is current and relevant.

Knowledge Community

Become part of an exclusive nationwide community of HR experts.

Ethical Behaviour

Commit to a high standard of ethical behaviour and hold to the CCHRA National Code of Ethics.


Join the thousands of HR professionals across Canada who have discovered the CHRP advantage. Learn more about the value of the designation and the path to achieve it.