CHRP Recertification Audit

Recertification audits are carried out by the Recertification Audit Committee twice a year. Selection of a recertification log for audit is random  based on CHRP ID numbers. The audit process will reconfirm the eligibility for recertification, review the completeness of documentation and verify the appropriateness, suitability and adequacy of the professional development activities listed in the recertification log.

If audited, a CHRP holder must provide supporting documents for their recertification log to the recertification committee within 30 days. It is important to retain documents relating to professional development activities. These include the original description of the program and confirmation of completion issued by the activity sponsor, payment receipts or outcome reports. The CHRP designation may be revoked if  the person recertifying is unable to satisfy the audit criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why do we need an audit process?

    The audit process is a demonstration of our commitment to maintain the highest standard of professional practice of human resources management by CHRP designates. This is the proof of our conviction that the CHRP designation can safeguard the interests of the employer, employees, and general public. We establish the credibility of the recertification process through an independent, verifiable audit process.

  2. Who will be audited? What do you mean by random selection and why?

    Every CHRP recertification log will be subject to audit. There are no exceptions. The audit process will run every six months. With the use of software to draw randomly, all recertification logs submitted within the six-month period has an equal chance to be audited. There is no skewing of sampling, or pre-determined criteria in our selection. The random selection concept reconfirms the credibility of an objective, independent process.

  3. In view of the audit process, should I complete my recertification log differently?

    It is important to carefully read the reporting requirements on the recertification so that you have a thorough understanding of the recertification activities that are required. Details of each activity should be provided, including the name of sponsoring institutions, title of the program or session, a brief description of the professional development activity, dates of each activity, and duration in hours. You should also keep all the supporting documents, including certificates of completion and receipts of payment of each activity you listed on the recertification log.

  4. Will I know if I am selected for the audit process?

    Yes. You will receive a letter from the Recertification Audit Committee advising that you have been randomly selected. You will be contacted to provide documents supporting your recertification log. You will also be advised of the 30-day timeframe of when the supporting documents are needed.

  5. Can you give me an example of the type of documents you expect me to show you?

    For example, in A1, the required information includes: name of the session or program, date and duration, details of sponsor organization, program description with HR contents specified, completion certificate, and, in some cases, official transcripts. If you do not have these supporting documents at the time of audit, it is your responsibility to obtain them to present to the committee.

  6. How long do I need to keep the supporting documents to professional development activities?

    You need to keep the supporting documents to professional development activities for the entire duration of the recertification renewal period, and then keep it for one year after submission of recertification log.

  7. How do I know if the recertification audit is satisfactory if I am selected?

    Once the Recertification Audit Committee receives your supporting documents, these will be reviewed and verified with your recertification log. At the end of the review process, you will receive a communication as to the outcome of the process. Usually within 90 days.

  8. Does the Recertification Audit Committee get to decide if my CHRP designation is to be revoked?

    The Recertification Audit Committee reports the outcome of the review process to the CHRP Registrar at HRMA. They provide opinion and make recommendations in regards to the recertification logs that are audited. The Audit Committee does not make the final decision relating to the status of any CHRP designation.

  9. What course of action can I take if I disagree with the outcome of the audit process?

    You may appeal to the Board of Directors of HRMA if you disagree with the outcome of the audit process. However, the appeal process does not re-open the contents and sufficiency of verification that has been audited, as the audit process is final. The appeal process may look at new information relating to specific circumstances if it involves revoking of the CHRP designation.

  10. If I have a question on the audit process, how do I get an answer?

    Contact the Recertification Audit Committee.