Transfer from or to Another Province

The Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations (CCHRA) requires that Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation holders maintain membership in HRMA or the association responsible for CHRP certification in their province of residence. When a professional member moves to another province, they are required to transfer their membership to the association of their new province of residence.

An official Confirmation of Good Standing must be submitted to HRMA prior to the change in residence. HRMA will forward the transfer form to the new association which will complete the CHRP holder’s enrolment as a professional member in their province. A transfer fee is payable to HRMA.

Persons holding the CHRP designation that move into BC are required to apply for membership concurrent to the transfer of their designation from their former provincial associations. Provincial memberships are non-transferable. Please note that any lapse in membership longer than 60 days between the expiry of a former provincial membership and gaining membership in HRMA may result in the revocation of the transferee’s designation.


  • When an HRMA member holding the CHRP designation resides in another province for a limited time while maintaining their residency in BC
  • When an HRMA members holding the CHRP designation resides outside of Canada