To maintain certification, holders of the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain continual membership in good standing with HRMA or with the provincial association where they reside. Member dues and and CHRP dues are payable annually.
  • Recertify every three years through their provincial association by submitting a log of professional development activities.

As of June 1, 2013, the National Professional Practice Assessment® (NPPA) is no longer available as an option for recertification.

CHRP National Recertification Log

Outline the professional development activities you have engaged in over the last three years in the National Recertification Log.

In the log, various professional development activities have been assigned points. You must acquire a minimum of 100 points worth of professional development activities across two or more development categories within the three-year period.

Email, fax or mail your completed log along with the CHRP Recertification Application Form to:

CHRP Registrar
Human Resources Management Association
1101 – 1111 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3
Fax: 604.684.3225

  • Include only the pages that contain content. Blank pages can be omitted.
  • Content must be typed. Handwritten logs will not be reviewed.
  • Recertification logs are accepted a maximum of six months before your recertification date.
  • The CHRP Recertification Fee of $55 plus GST is payable when submitting your log.

Questions about completing your recertification log? Review the following resources:

Download a copy of the CHRP Recertification Application Form and the National Recertification Log. More detailed information on recertification can be found on

CHRP Recertification Audit

Recertification audits are carried out by the Recertification Audit Committee twice a year. Selection of a recertification log for audit is random based on CHRP ID numbers. The audit process will reconfirm the eligibility for recertification, review the completeness of documentation, and verify the appropriateness, suitability and adequacy of the professional development activities listed in the recertification log. If audited, a CHRP holder must provide supporting documents for their recertification log to the recertification committee within 30 days.