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Plenary Speakers

Name Session Title Day/Time
Ryan Estis Rethinking HR: The Future of Work and Human Resources April 28 / 8:30am
Arlene Dickinson Marketing Yourself April 28 / 3:30pm
Brad Karsh The Art of Executive Presence: Mastering the Finer Points of Being an Effective Leader April 29 / 8:30am
Daniel Pink Leadership and the New Principles of Influence April 29 / 3:30pm

Breakout Session Speakers by Track

Business Management & Strategy

Name Session Title Day/Time
Dr. Christopher Worley KEYNOTE – Rethinking Organization Design: The Transformation to Agility April 28 / 10:45am
Elizabeth Watson The Next Generation of HR Governance and Implications for
the CHRO
April 28 / 1:45pm
Allen Bordeleau, Mohamed Doma,
Frank Pozzobon
Rethink Labour Relations: Using Strategic LR to Overcome Challenges April 29 / 10:45am
David Gibbons, Marcus Ewert-Johns, Bob Gautama From Functional Expert to Business Builder: An HR Executive’s Role in Building the Business April 29 / 10:45am

Employment Law & Legislation

Name Session Title Day/Time
Elizabeth Denham, Lorene Novakowski, Monic Pratch The Evolving World of Privacy in the Workplace April 28 / 10:45am
Julie Nichols,
Melanie Samuels,
Dr. Derryck H. Smith
Mental Illness & The Duty to Accommodate: A Practical Look at the Legal, Medical & Human Resources Issues April 28 / 10:45am
Donovan Plomp,
Simon Kent
Tricks of the Trade: A Look at Employment Law from Employment Contracts to Terminations April 28 / 1:45pm
Ryan Anderson,
Debbie Cameron,
Keith Murray
Tumultuous Times: A Look Back at Collective Bargaining & Labour Relations Approaches & Strategies in BC April 29 / 10:45am

Leadership & Personal Development

Name Session Title Day/Time
Brenda Zalter-Minden, Sarah McVanel Collaboration in Action: A Solution Focused Leadership Approach April 28 / 10:45am
Dr. Michael Patterson Accountability by Choice: The Commitment Required by HR Leaders April 28 / 1:45pm
Brad Karsh KEYNOTE – The Good, Bad, & Ugly: Giving and Receiving Feedback at Work April 29 / 10:45am
Anthony Ariganello KEYNOTE – Yes You Can! From CHRO to CEO April 29 / 2:15pm
Katherine Craig Power Tools for Leadership Success April 29 / 2:15pm
Christian Codrington, Natasha Dookie, Catherine Gordon, Mykle Ludvigsen Self Regulation: What Does it Mean for Me & the HR Profession April 29 / 2:15pm

Organizational Effectiveness

Name Session Title Day/Time
Kathleen Seeley Transformational Leadership: How to Lead through Complexity to Possibility April 28 / 10:45am
Barry Cook, Leslie Dudley, Linda Reid Executive Compensation: The Hows and Whys of Good Corporate Governance April 28 / 1:45pm
Tammy Dewar, Dave Wittington Creativity: The Secret Skill of Top Organizations & Leaders April 29 / 10:45am
Alan Fine KEYNOTE – Performance Breakthroughs: How to Unlock Your Team’s Potential April 29 / 2:15pm

Talent Management

Name Session Title Day/Time
Dr. Larry Stefan, Dr. Jane Gayton, Dr. Bjorn Leiren, Len Garis Why Paul, Not Peter? The Science of Candidate and Employee Assessment April 28 / 10:45am
Steve Cadigan Keynote – Re-think Recruitment: It’s all about Transparency April 28 / 1:45pm
Scot Marcotte A Talent for Managing Talent: Unilever’s Approach to Global Rewards Management April 28 / 1:45pm
Lisa Eckmyn,
John Marshall
Living our Values, Growing our Employee Pipeline: The New Gold Story of Talent Development April 29 / 10:45am
John Herdman KEYNOTE – Developing Talent with John Herdman April 29 / 2:15pm
Lorie Stevenson Flexible Work Options and Their Impacts: The TELUS Work Styles Story April 29 / 2:15pm