In response to the large number of inquiries received from academic institutions and organizations regarding guaranteeing CHRP credits, HRMA is proud to provide the
HRMA Accreditation Program.

The HRMA Accreditation Program will provide you with:

  • The ability to guarantee CHRP recertification credits for approved events.
  • The ability to enhance your marketing to a growing group of CHRP designation holders (currently more than 2,500 in BC).
  • Increased recognition for the quality of your offering.

Only events offered directly by HRMA or events accredited by HRMA can guarantee CHRP credits in British Columbia.

CHRP members – if you see the HRMA Accreditation Seal on event advertisements you know that the event is guaranteed to provide you with CHRP credits.

Become Accredited

Download the guidelines and application form.

Accredited Providers

Canadian Mental Health Association

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a nation-wide, voluntary organization that promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness. The CMHA accomplishes this mission through advocacy, education, research and service.
Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation
p: 1.416.513.0440

The Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation (CWGHR) is a national, charitable organization that responds to the rehabilitation needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. We bridge the traditionally separate worlds of HIV, disability and rehabilitation. Through research, education and cross-sector partnerships we are working to improve the lives of people with HIV.

The Centre for Labour-Management Development

The Centre for Labour-Management Development is an educational resource for human resource professionals from unionized workplaces who need to stay on top of new developments in labour and human rights law. Visit us at
The Centre for Labour-Management Development
Dale Carnegie Training of British Columbia
p: 604.299.5115

Influence leaders in your organization with persuasive communication, creative problem solving and your own focused leadership. Let Dale Carnegie Training power a winning attitude that allows you to initiate with confidence and enthusiasm

Diversified Rehabilitation Group
p: 1.888.402.8222

Diversified Rehabilitation Group is a BC company with offices in Kelowna, Richmond and Burnaby. Diversified provides Employee & Family Wellness programs and Disability Management services to BC Employers. In addition, Diversified provides training to various companies inclining HR professionals.

Elephant Conversations Ltd
p: 604.363.8375

Are you an HR professional who struggles with difficult conversations, especially when giving feedback, holding others accountable, or confronting difficult bosses or colleagues? Elephant Conversations reveals the solutions to your toughest conversations with simple strategies you can implement right away.

Emergenetics Canada
p: 403.226.0878

Emergenetics International is a global leader in human capital development. We utilize assessments, workshops and employee development consulting to realize the full potential of both people and organizations. Emergenetics thinking and behavioral technology increases individual capacity via self-awareness and enhances the power of cohesive teams to transform organizations.

HRM Online
p: 1.416.644.8740

HRM Online is Canada’s leading publication featuring the latest HR news, advice from leading HR professionals, legal updates and more. Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay informed with the latest trends and initiatives from leading Canadian and global organizations.

iCan Systems Inc.
p: 1.800.595.9840

Smartsettle Infinity is the world’s most advanced and comprehensive collective bargaining system. Learn how to easily analyze complex choices, move parties from competition to cooperation, simply negotiations, and facilitate stronger and more satisfying relationships with this powerful decision making tool.

Insights Vancouver
p: 604.522.4229

Insights is a global supplier of people development solutions backed by an extensive portfolio of assessments, products and services. We Accredit and support internal resources for in-house delivery. If your priority is to increase individual, team and leadership effectiveness, Insights delivers immediate results and endless possibilities.

MFR Resolutions
p: 1.877.590.8153

Marli Rusen has created The Mirror Method – a practical and defensible process to apply in addressing unacceptable workplace behaviour. Workshops on the Mirror Method train all leaders on how to successfully diagnose and remedy workplace dysfunction early and respectfully.

Morneau Shepell
p: 1.888.667.6328

At Morneau Shepell, we understand that you want to enhance the health, productivity, and financial security of your employees, and we work with you to design solutions that fit your needs and those of your people. We do so by applying our expertise to develop innovative answers, blending our consulting, outsourcing, and technology capabilities in an integrative fashion to provide you with complete solutions.

Ounce of Prevention Solutions Inc.
p: 604.345.7933

OOPS Inc. is a one-stop shop for all things Respectful Workplace! Our multidisciplinary team includes educators, facilitators, mediators, investigators, violence experts, HR and communications specialists, and professional coaches working together to deliver an integrated solution to conflict in the workplace. Whatever the workplace issue is – harassment, discrimination, bullying, or violence – we can help your organization address and resolve it.

Priority Management
p: 604.295.4095

Priority Management – Vancouver works with organizations and individuals to help change behaviour. We improve effectiveness on the job, improve commercial results, and bring control and balance to your living.

ProActive ReSolutions
p: 604.482.1750

HR Professionals continually face issues not easily resolved and often not addressed in formal policies. We focus on sustained behavioral change, creating a communications framework for dealing with bullying, harassment, or return to work situations, and for supporting respectful workplaces.

Pushor Mitchell LLP
p: 1.800.558.1155

Pushor Mitchell’s Employment Law Group provides practical advice on all aspects of the employment relationship, regularly representing their clients before the courts, arbitrators and administrative panels. Their approach is to establish a close working relationship to understand their client’s objectives and with a view to minimizing conflict and the expense associated with it.

Royal Roads University

RRU’s Centre for Coaching and Workplace Innovation (CCWI) offers programs designed to help people transform the way they work. CCWI offers graduate-level courses and graduate certificates in Executive Coaching, advanced coaching practices, workplace innovation, organization design and development, change management, strategic human resources management, project management, and more.

Rubin Thomlinson LLP

Rubin Thomlinson’s team of knowledgeable and experienced Toronto employment lawyers understand that every situation is as unique as the people behind them. Whether you are an employer or employee, before we do anything, we’ll take the time to thoroughly understand the challenges you’re facing, then offer a solution that best meets your needs. Our Toronto-based employment law firm is relied on for expert counsel, as well as litigation, on a wide range of employment law and workplace human rights issues.

Singleton Law

Providing HR Professional with information on recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions and new legislation all of which effect the day to day functioning of the current Workplace.

Sundance Consulting

HR Professionals are well positioned to play a vitally important role in their changing organization. Our Guiding Organizational Change Professional Qualification Program will show you how to build the necessary leadership capacity at all levels to ensure the organization can change successfully.

TalentC – People Services Inc.
p: 306.924.2296

TalentC® is a human resources solution provider focused on succession planning/development and mentoring. We offer independently accredited mentor training, professional mentoring (one on one or group), and mentor consulting. The International Certification for Mentoring is International Standards Organization (ISO) compliant.

Transform ED Consulting Inc.

Providing HR professionals with skills and tools to be more agile and resilient through change. Ensuring change has a positive impact on the organization, that risks are managed, that people stay engaged and the value from the change is delivered.

Workplace Institute
p:1.877.610.0109 ext. 210

We provide:
(1) Training and consultation services to help organizations develop their strategy to leverage and develop the unique talents of younger/older workers.
(2) Fundamentals of Investigations, Investigative Interviewing and Harassment Investigations training

Note to CHRP members – please continue to submit non-accredited events which align to the Required Profesional Capabilities (RPCs) in your recertification log. These events will be reviewed by the recertification committee at the time of submission to determine if they are eligible for credits.